Nurturing a Calm, Clear & Creative Mindset.

My name is James, a professional creative with a heart for thoughtful reflection.


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About James

Professionally, I am an artist & designer. My deeper interest is exploring what it is to be human.  

It brings me joy sharing positive messaging that uplifts, offers perspective, opens creativity and encourages wellness. My work won’t be for everyone – but if you find me, and it helps inspire – then that is who this website is for. 

Articles & Reflections

What is Intentional Living?

Intentional living is the purposeful activity of spending your personal resources (time, energy, money, etc) on the things that most align with your well-defined goals and values. You can build your daily life in a manner that leads you to achieve and experience those very things.

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As a content creator, designer & digital artist, I am creating continually. I open my studio and hope to inspire creativity in others. 

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