About James

Biography & Professional Career

I’ve had a strange life, in many respects. I’m a strange blend of experiences. 

The part that most people would know is the quiet, professional designer. The part that most people wouldn’t know was that I was born into a religious cult – which impact the majority of my life.

It’s a story I’ll share more of, and it’s been something I’ve been working hard to heal from for the past 10 years (since I left the religion of my childhood). 

The Professional Designer / Artist Part

I have always been artistic. It was something developed from the earliest times I could pick up a pencil and crayons. It lead me to becoming a commercial artist, and carving a humble career as a designer.

My skills developed over the years, and I worked in nearly every aspect of design, branding and marketing. I’m thankful for the career I’ve had – it’s allowed me to work independently and consistently. 

In recent years, I’ve decided to focus more on my artistic side. This year was a turning point where I determined to make it my “main thing”. More or less, I’m carving a new path for myself – and seeing where it takes me.

The Ex-Religious Side

I was born into a hyper-religious cult called Branhamism. As a believer, I followed the teachings of William Branham, who I was raised to revere and respect absolutely.

It was a complicated upbringing, to say the least. Just after graduating from college, I fully gave my life to the faith. It would occupy the next 15 years of my life completely.

I sacrificed life experiences, family, relationships, and career opportunities for the sake of my faith. Afterall, I believed it was the truth, and eventually became an associate pastor. I would come to challenge my beliefs due to alarming issues I encountered – both in counseling people in our sect and in researching the history of our founding ‘prophet’. 

Where I Am Now

I struggled with regret – profoundly – for the years lost. The feeling of ‘loss’ is hard to explain. It wasn’t everything was all terrible; I had people I cared about all around me. But the years were lived in a minimal, small, controlled way. The list of people, experiences, opportunities I walked away from due to religious reasons is extensive. It hurts. 

To say I can appreciate the meaning of freedom, of critical thought, of exploring new ideas, of self-expression, and the forming healthier connections is an understatement. I’ve spend much of the last 10 years feeling wounded, finding healing, rediscovering confidence and purpose. I’ll never be fully healed – but I do believe I can be fully connected to who I am, and what I do with my life. 

This is part of the reason I’m here, and for the first time, putting myself out there as a creative, capable, worthy contributor. I’m just me – and I want to share things I’ve learned and created.