Helping Nourish Creativity Through Connection.

Find more confidence, productivity & success with a connected creative mind.

In Your Personal Projects & Workplace

To be optimally creative, you need to be optimally connected. Starting with yourself. I help explore the meaning of connectivity so you can raise your creativity and be more productive.

It's Me, James!

Course Overview

What You'll Receive in My Course

  • Introduction

    A little background about myself, my life experience with creativity (personally & professionally) and why this subject is important.

  • Multiple Lesson Modules

    Featuring extensive video, text, practical tools, inspirations, diagrams and infographics - all to explain, offer insight and techniques Some content will be geared towards creators, creative environments, and workplaces.

  • Connection Explained

    The primary focus is on being connected. Why & how creativity is rooted in connection. What does it mean, how does it factor into our lives.

  • Access to More Resources

    In addition to the course, the membership will include access to additional articles and content that will be added periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you searching for yourself? Your creative identity? Do you feel creatively stuck? Do you feel like something is missing in your process? Is your work environment feeling depressive rather than energetic and creative?

There is never an absolute one-size-fits all with abstract concepts. But I believe it will be valuable for other artists, entrepreneurs, writers, business owners who seek a healthier relationship with their own creativity – whether personally or professionally. 

This course is meant to provide a clearer perspective on what creativity is, how it works and how to nurture a healthier creative environment – inside and outside of yourself. 

This won’t give you 50 tactics to turn you into a creative powerhouse. But it will give tools and understanding. I’ll help you creatively reset, adjust and troubleshoot – so that you can become more free and productive.

There are a thousand ways to talk about creativity. As a professional designer & artist, this course is my established viewpoint – and one I have adopted as my career has progressed.

You are essentially becoming a member of my creative community, which will give you access to the course – plus additional resources. I WILL continue to add value as I develop more material.

I plan on establishing a larger subscription model with more access to resources.

Nope. This is a one-time payment.

Additional features will be added to the site, and subscription/upgrade models will be figured out. This is new and evolving!

This entire course and membership is new. But I am going to grow it, and yes, I will head towards more features – including a community (Discord?). I believe collaboration and support is an important part of creativity. 

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