What Do I Mean When Speaking About Connection?

Clear. Open. Energized. Unobstructed. Healthy. Productive.

In My Own Terms

A clear pathway to allow an unobstructed, healthy flow of energy between two points. 

The joining of these points speaks to open pathways of relationship and availability.

  • Between head and heart.
  • Between input and output.
  • Between idea and progress. 
  • Between internal and external.
  • Between people (spouses, family, friends, colleagues, communities, supporters, customers, etc.)  

With connection, the pathway is open for movement and exchange. Communication. Collaboration. Meeting. Sharing. Supporting. Helping. 

Personally, the word “connection” has been integral to who I am. I’ve been a person who is utterly disconnected in aspects and phases of my life. It left me alone, frustrated, and stuck. 

Conversely, with finding connection, it’s opened me up to massive change, growth and opportunity.

Connectedness is a perspective I don’t hear much about when speaking about creativity. I consider it a key. 

Creativity is not just a word for artists and designers. It’s the essence of problem solving. In any aspect of life where we need to find our way through – in business, relationships, daily life – we are invited to be creative thinkers and practitioners. If we put it in perspective of being ‘connected’, it might offer more insight into why we sometimes feel ‘stuck’. 

I’m here to help share my experience on how to become more connected so we can become more creative.