Grow Your Confidence & Creativity By Exercising It

I came across this quote from Maya Angelou some time ago. It was one of those quotes that made me stop.

In fact, the first time I read it, I was standing in a bookstore flipping through the pages of a book. When my eyes fell on her words, I stood there for several moments absorbing it. 

I even took a photo of it, worried I might forget. (Better yet, I decided to buy the book.)

The truth of it resonates. When you are genuinely, wholeheartedly creating, it doesn’t deplete you. Even when you’re physically and mentally tired, you want to keep going. 

This is how creativity should feel. When you are most connected to what you are creating, you are also most alive. 

It begs a question; if you are working on a project that doesn’t stoke your creative fire, are you actually engaged in creativity? Or are you just trying to be productive because you have to? 

There’s a great amount of nuance to that thought. 

Finding Alignment with Your Passions

The ultimate goal is to find alignment between our energy and where our heart wants to be.

That’s the essence of passion; to be fully immersed in the thing that reminds what being alive is all about.

It’s important to recognize where our heart is pulling us. This undeniable gravity is our authentic self drawing us towards what our purpose and passions really are. Take notice.

Don’t Let Doubt Rob You

I often focus on the subject of confidence and self-doubt because I have experienced a lot of it in my own life. 

It’s easy to fall into a trap of self-doubt as a creator. It doesn’t matter if you’re highly experienced or curious about dipping your toe into a creative endeavor, doubt doesn’t discriminate.

This is why I love Maya Angelou’s quote.

It’s challenges myth that says creativity isn’t for everyone, or self-doubt that says your are not talented enough. 

If you feel the inner fire to create, then do it. Let it burn. The fire of creativity is fueled by creating. The more you create, the brighter and hotter it becomes. Express, learn, and grow your talent – to whatever extent you want – by starting to use it. You’ll only have more.

Actions to Take

Do you want to become a creator? Do you want to be more artistic? You want to make videos? You want to write and share?  Don’t wait to take action. The little steps matter.

Some advice I have is:

  • Become addicted to “acting/doing”. Less dreaming. Less thinking. More doing. 
  • Learn purposefully (courses / books / videos). It’ll accelerate your growth. Apply it quickly. More doing.
  • Build community with encouragers and uplifters. Apply it quickly. More doing.
  • Write about it. Document lessons, goals, resources, accomplishments. Use it for focus and a strong mindset that keeps you on the path of more doing. 
All of this translates to more confidence. You’ll still run into self-doubt, but you’ll have a whole lot more evidence for yourself to prove that you’re making progress.