unlock your creativity

Feeling creatively blocked, uninspired & frustrated?

Beautiful flourishing mind growing like a tree

I believe connection cultivates creativity.

Connection is about Relationship. Starting with self. 

As a professional designer, my career has depended on creative output. But creativity is not limited to the arts. It’s also about something we all do, every day: problem solving.

My understanding of creativity has evolved with experience. I once conflated talent with creativity, thinking it was something that was innately gifted. I now believe that creativity is far more organic and cultivated. It’s an aspect of of personal connection; meaning, the attunement we have within ourselves. When we are more connected, we have more awareness to tap into.

Not everyone is consciously attuned with themselves. A mindset can be prone to the push and pull of winds and waves. It takes practice and intention, and will bring many beautiful benefits; including enhanced creativity. 

My Personal Mission

To be a nourishing source of positive connection that calms the mind, inspires hope, and helps clear the path ahead that otherwise might feel overwhelming.