Awaken to Yourself. All Else is a Dream.

Awaken to Yourself.

All else is like a dream; imaginations that you cannot touch, control or take hold of. When you are awake and mindfully present, you are in your own mind, able to make decisions. This is your reality – and nothing outside of that is in your grasp.

Worry less about all that is outside yourself, which you cannot control. 

Dreams have an important place in our human experience. Waking or sleeping - they nourish our minds. But we can't stay there.

When we sleep, they serve as a unconscious healing session for our brain — from activating our creativity and enhancing our problem-solving, to consolidating memories and processing emotions. 

When we are awake, the practice of day-dreaming brings us into a conscious place of imagination and motivation, speaking to us of passions and possibilities. 

But to exist in a state of dreaming, always outside of our mindful, present self, removes us from focus and action. Many of us live with our mind set on things around and outside of ourselves. People, places, what-ifs, if-onlys, and what-could-have-beens. We worry, imagine and dream of things out of our hands.

If we wonder why we struggle to meet with the responsibilities of our day – remember this simple beckoning word: awaken. 

As Marcus Aurelius said, to be truly awake in your own mind, and clear headed is to regard everything around you as though it were a dream. You cannot live in the past, nor future, nor in the affairs and minds of other people. You cannot control things outside of yourself; but what you can do is awaken to yourself, and live fully present. 

That’s where reality begins and ends, for you.  That’s where you can begin acting with intention and purpose, and affect your own life.

“Awaken; return to yourself. Now, no longer asleep, knowing they were only dreams, clear-headed again, treat everything around you as a dream.”
— Marcus Aurelius