Stand up.

Feel your feet, planted firmly beneath you.

Look down, Intentively. See them, and feel them pressed against the ground. Become present & aware of where you stand. Strong. Alive. Breathing.

Grounding is a technique to pull you away from intrusive thoughts or feelings, and place you in a present state of mind. It often works by mentally/physically having your feet and mind “on the ground”, and focusing on that present connection with where you presently are. 

Hands and feet grounded on the floor

Let your mind move towards an intention - to a place you want to be.

See yourself walking forward to get to that place. Each footstep is a choice.

The power of grounding yourself in the present – and relating it to where you want to be – is that there’s a thread of mindfulness connecting that journey from beginning to end. While you may not always be able to control the obstacles you encounter, you can be in control of yourself in each step and juncture along the way.

Presence is power. 

Takeaway Points

  • Ground Yourself. Stand in awareness of where you are, presently.

    Bringing yourself to attention connects you with the immediate situation. If you can find clarity for where you are, what is happening in and around you, what you need or want - you can begin to alter your state with choices.

  • Direct your intention. Recognize where you want to be - and more importantly, "why" you want to be there..

    Having a clear intention is like putting a marker on a map. If you know where you want to go, you have direction. If you know WHY you want to be there, you have motivation and purpose.

  • One step at a time. Small steps add up.

    The process of taking steps is a recognition of your ability to stand, put your foot forward, and step out. You don't have to run. Just one step at a time, in the direction you've planned for. It all add up. All the choices you make, day after day, can be steps forward - so long as you keep your intentions focused.