Using Visual Storytelling to Improve Your Artwork

I help non-designer creators, businesses & solo entrepreneurs who don’t want their DIY designs to suck.

What Comes With Enrollment?

Good design is mostly about understanding basic principles, applying them consistently, & keeping it simple. I'll show you how.

  • Brand + Graphic Design

    Design Focused Resources

  • Web Design

    Tricks, Tools, Resources for Web Design

  • Content Writing

    Effective content writing strategies

Featured Content

  • Video Tutorial Topics

    - Creating your Brand Personality strategy
    - What is "good" design
    - Creating a Brand Styleguide
    - Creating proper logo assets
    - Rules of typography
    - Designing layouts for emphasis & clarity
    - Establishing consistency & brand equity
    - Website landing page demos
    - Website page building - Benefits of effective copywriting
    - Color selections & palettes
    - Creating attractive social graphics

  • Practical On-Screen Lessons

    I'll take you on-screen, sharing with you aspects of my creative process, methods, file-setups, software tricks, and more. This isn't a logo design course - but I'll show you why you need to do certain things using software/tools.

  • Tools & Templates

    I'll share files and templates of things I've used and worked with. Powerpoint, Photoshop, graphic sets, assets that would be useful.

  • A Desire to Help You Succeed

    I genuinely want to provide real-world value and help you succeed. I know how hard it is to get traction online as a creator, and every advantage helps!

  • Q & A Feedback

    I want to answer questions and create custom content based on questions & interest in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

This material is intended for non-designers.

Whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur, small business, or assigned the role within your company – this is simple, principle-based content for practical application. If you want to manage your own marketing, I can support with design experience. 

Yes! If this becomes popular, I will reserve my availability for Full Member Subscribers. But I want this to be a community where I can offer direct support, answer questions, customize content and tutorials. 

I’ve been working as a designer since 1998. I’m a trained artist & illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, videographer/editor, content writer – with extensive experience in every aspect of brand design and development. I’ve worked in marketing agencies, as a freelancer, design agency owner and contractor.  

There will be a “Full Access” tier + an à la carte option for individual course topics.

I haven’t decided cost, but it will be reasonable! But consider this:

Paying for professional design services can cost you thousands of dollars.

For much less than the cost of a professional logo, you’ll have access to a library of content encompassing years of education and experience. In the long term, this should save you significant investment and equip you with valuable skills.

Nope. This is a one-time payment.

Additional features will be added to the site, and subscription/upgrade models will be figured out. This is new and evolving!

This course is meant to provide a clearer perspective on what creativity is, how it works and how to nurture a healthier creative environment – inside and outside of yourself. 

This won’t give you 50 tactics to turn you into a creative powerhouse. But it will give tools and understanding. I’ll help you creatively reset, adjust and troubleshoot – so that you can become more free and productive.

There are a thousand ways to talk about creativity. As a professional designer & artist, this course is my established viewpoint – and one I have adopted as my career has progressed.

You are essentially becoming a member of my creative community, which will give you access to the course – plus additional resources. I WILL continue to add value as I develop more material.

I plan on establishing a larger subscription model with more access to resources.

This entire course and membership is new. But I am going to grow it, and yes, I will head towards more features – including a community (Discord?). I believe collaboration and support is an important part of creativity. 

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