A Quick Overview of Using Artboards in Adobe Photoshop for Productivity

It’s a pain when you need to make lots of similar sized / themed graphics. Using Adobe Photoshop, discovering and applying the use of Artboards is very helpful to make the process productive and easy.

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Here’s a quick overview of how you can use artboards for your graphics. I use them for things like:

  • logos sets in a variety of sizes and formats
  • iterations of design concepts for various designs / sketches
  • social media graphics for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • thumbnails for YouTube, Skillshare, Vimeo
  • sets of graphics for a digital painting launch:
  • Thumbnails for YouTube painting process video
  • Cover graphic for Instagram Reel
  • Instagram image posts
  • Etsy shop product mockup photos / graphics (various sizes) or other online shops
  • Storyboarding